Regarding Our Monroe NC Location

To Our Valued Customers:

In an effort to continue providing optimum service, we have purchased additional property adjoining our current building in York, South Carolina.  Since this is our main facility where all material ends up for processing, we are implementing changes which will benefit everyone.  As of January 2016, we will no longer be operating at our satellite facility on Chamber Drive in Monroe, North Carolina.  By consolidating investments at our hub, we are able to pass along greater value to our clients; the most important ingredient to our success.  You will see the same familiar Monroe staff working in York, along with some new faces that have been at York from its inception.

While we realize this is a lot of change for our delivery customers, we will make it worthwhile to continue doing business with Custom Recycling.  A few of the exciting benefits of our larger facility include a drive on truck scale and larger staff, which means that you will get unloaded and paid out in a timely manner.  We also have a chemistry analyzer on site in York along with trained specialists who can shoot alloys and special material on the spot.  We’re happy to discuss container and pick up service as well.  Our network of over 200 industrial accounts uses our box truck pick up service as well as roll off containers, flatbeds and van trailers.  One of our Account representatives will be happy to go over the different container and pick up options which can save you the labor and gas from bringing the material yourselves.

South Carolina mandates a scrap metal permit for nonferrous material.  If you are selling anything besides Steel and Aluminum beverage cans as an individual, you will need to go to the sheriff’s department and obtain a free scrap metal permit.  If you are a company and payment is made to the business, then you will not need the permit.  The Moss Justice Center sheriff’s department is less than 2 miles away from our Hunter Street facility.  Their address is 1675 York Highway, York, SC 29745.

Please let us know how we can assist you during this exciting transition.  We look forward to working with you throughout the upcoming year.


The Custom Recycling Team
811 Hunter Street
York, SC 29745
803.818.5311 Office
Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. til 4:45 p.m.

Scrap metal recycling in Monroe can be a lot to handle

metalWith the hassle of deciding what is an acceptable item to recycle, that is worth the time and money, and meets the local recycling standards, which are continually redefined, it can give you more of a headache than anything. But, we are here to make things easier for you and relieve you of the guessing game which you may have been in when recycling your scrap metal in Monroe, NC

We asked Jeremy, our Monroe, NC scrap metal recycling location warehouse manager to share his scrap metal knowledge and advice with us. He’s a real expert, so we trust his sound advice.

Jeremy’s Top 3 Scrap Metal Recycling Tips:

  1. Keep your materials separated. It will maximize your money and make unloading quicker.
  2. The fewer attachments on your material (example wood or glass), the higher price you will receive.
  3. Run a magnet pass your material to determine what your material is. If the magnet sticks, the metal is ferrous, if it does not stick, then the metal is non-ferrous.

Important Facts about the Scrap Metal Industry that You Should Know

  • As mentioned above, any material that sticks to a magnet is ferrous and any that doesn’t stick to a magnet is non-ferrous.
  • Non-ferrous metals tend to be more valuable.
  • The price of scrap metal is based off the market and changes when the market does.

Where to Look for Scrap Metal

  • Whenever you clean out a room or building, you will be surprised how much material therecan be recycled. ANY type of metal or appliance, as well as wire, can be recycled.Clean Garage

When is The Best Time to Sell Your Scrap Metal

  • The best time to recycle your scrap is whenever you have metal around. An example of a time is when you replace an appliance, remodel a room, or you are just trying to clean up the home or workplace.

How the Scrap Metal Process Works

  • First, upon entering Custom Recycling Monroe,NC location, you should pull up to the side gate where you will be greeted by an employee. That employee will ask you a few questions to find out where your scrap metal material is coming from. Then we will weigh your material appropriately to assess its value. Following the weighing, you will simply walk through the front door and get paid for your material on the spot.

What sets Custom Recycling Apart from Our Competitors?

We strive to be the following:
fast…time is valuable to you, so we do our best to greet you immediately, simplify the process, and get you paid as soon as we can.
friendly…we like to get to know our customers outside of the whole recycling experience.
convenient…we put thought into our system and have information available here online for your benefit and convenience.

What Do You Need to Bring with You?

All customers are required to bring a valid, state issued ID card, such as a driver’s license or passport. If you are selling scrap metal for a company, and not individually, then you will need to bring in a written document to verify the company you are with.
That’s all the advice Jeremy has for now.
Now over to you…What scrap metal advice do you have? We’d love to hear more ideas or stories of successful scrap metal recycling experiences.
Please stop by one of our facilities with your scrap metal, wire and other materials the next time you clean out your garage, basement, office or do a home improvement project. If you would like to speak with a representative from Custom Recycling, call us now at  (704) 776-4143. We are happy to serve you!

Selling Scrap Metal in York, SC Makes a Difference

It’s no longer a secret that your scrap metal to scrap metal buyers in York is the smart thing to do. You can simultaneously clear out unwanted items and receive cash in return, all while doing your part for the environment and recycling your scrap metal in York.

Great concept.

Where things get a little mirky is defining what is considered scrap and what regulations apply to selling scrap in your particular area.

For those looking to sell their scrap metal in York SC, we have a few suggestions for you.

We cornered Cody, our warehouse manager, to get the secret scrap metal tips that no one knows about.

What are your 3 top scrap metal recycling tips?

  1. A magnet is a recyclers best friend! If a magnet doesn’t stick to your material then it is considered “Non-Ferrous” and typically has a greater value.
  2. Anything pre-sorted is a huge help and cuts down on time of visit and can in some cases increase value.
  3. Learn your local [scrap] laws before visiting the scrap yard. Every yard is different so a phone call to one of our two locations York, SC or Monroe, NC can point you in the right direction.

What important facts about the scrap metal industry do people need to know?

The scrap metal industry not only creates jobs but keeps millions of pounds of waste out of landfills which is great for the environment!

Can you give some practical advice about scrap metal? Where might people look around the home, office, etc for scrap to recycle? When is the best time to recycle?

Your own household can generate scrap metal. Anything from old pots and pans to that broken ironing board that’s taking up space in the garage will sell as scrap. Even patio furniture or a washer/dryer can be scrapped for some extra cash in your pocket.

Can you explain about your scrap metal process?

All of the scrap that we buy is weighed on one of our certified scales in order to pay per pound. Then it is verified by an employee of Custom Recycling who will then pay the seller accordingly.

What do customers need to bring with them each time they sell scrap?

The state of SC requires that a permit is obtained through your local sheriff’s department and presented to the recycler when non-ferrous material is being scrapped (with the exception of aluminum cans).

A VALID  South Carolina driver’s license, VALID SC identification card, VALID driver’s license from another state or a VALID military ID card is also required during time of transaction of either ferrous or non ferrous material.

What sets Custom Recycling Yards apart from its competitors?

Custom Recycling’s primary goal is to keep customers satisfied with competitive prices and a speedy transaction. Our courteous staff will make sure you leave with a smile on your face after each visit!

There you have it, folks. Cody makes Scrap metal recycling easy for York, SC residents. Now get your scrap to our locations soon and receive exemplary service and unbeatable prices. Call one of our highly informed scrap metal experts at (803) 818-5311 or fill out our contact form for a free consultation.