Common Scrap Metals

Various Scrap Metals Accepted Include:


We can find a use for everything from soda cans to car parts. Aluminum, found in soda cans etc, is an element that is commonly recycled because it is easy to shape and manipulate into lightweight, commercial items. Get Your Quote


Brass is commonly used in plumbing. The metal is in sprinklers and faucets typically. It is a combination of copper, zinc and other trace elements. Recycling prices reflect vary depending on the demand for brass as it relates to the current cost of copper. Get Your Quote


Carbide has many uses. It is good for making scratch resistant jewelry or even for making bullets. The demand for carbide scrap is incredibly high today. Recycle your old carbide here and get the most competitive prices with our service! Get Your Quote


Green energy and electric car manufacturing is on the rise, but there is still no U.S. source. Cobalt is one of the world’s most useful metals which makes cobalt a valuable scrap metal having a steadily increasing demand. Recycle old cobalt batteries for cash! Get Your Quote


Copper is used in currency, pipes and electrical components and is the third most used metal for manufacturing.  Recycle your valuable copper for cash through our scrap for cash service. Get Your Quote

Insulated Copper Wire

Among the most common sources for scrap copper, insulated copper wire and cable are one of the most lucrative items to scrap. Can be found on large construction jobs and small remodels.
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Electric Motors

Electric motors and generators operate through magnetic fields to generate force. These motors contain various metals such as copper, iron and magnets. In a few minutes of your time, you can recycle the metals that lay in your car motor by contacting us today. Get Your Quote

Electronic Scrap

Not sure what to do with your old electronics? Don’t just throw them away! Electronics contain scrap metal in the computer boards, computer processors, and RAM modules. Thus, electronic scrap metal is in demand for recycling of precious metals. Earn cash for your old TV, PC or cell phone now. Get Your Quote

Gas Meters

Though it is unwise to attempt to crack open your old gas meter to salvage components for recycling, you can recycle your gas meter as a whole. Learn how to recycle gas meters for compensation when you call us. Get Your Quote


Forget the cash for gold services and pawn shops. Sell your gold scrap for recycling purposes with us. We offer competitive prices for all of your scrap gold jewelry and computer components. Get Your Quote


Iron, once used for pipes, barbeques and gas heaters, has been replaced with less corrosive materials. Thankfully, iron still has many uses. Recycle your old scrap iron for the best price. Get Your Quote


As lead production requires a lot of energy, lead recycling is essential to reducing greenhouse gases. It’s the simplest scrap metal to recycle and generous compensation is available. Get Your Quote


A litho sheet—an aluminum artistic surface used by lithographers—can be recycled as a scrap metal whether it contains ink or is clean. Learn how to recycle your litho sheet scrap for cash. Get Your Quote


Used to harden steel, molybdenum is a valuable, recyclable metallic element similar in many ways to chromium. With competitive prices, we offer the best value for scrap molybdenum. Get Your Quote


Nickel, an element known for its strong physical and chemical properties, is a valuable and highly sought after scrap metal. Contact us for competitive prices on nickel recycling. Get Your Quote

Precious Metals

Precious metals, particularly gold and silver, are a highly valued asset in a down economy.  Recycle your old jewelry and electronics that contain precious metals as scrap for cash. Get Your Quote


Old radiators can be sold to us as scrap for recycling for a competitive price.  Valuable metals, such as copper and aluminum, can be melted down and reused for new materials.  Ask us how. Get Your Quote


Long valued as a precious metal, silver is used on ornaments, jewelry, tableware, utensils and currency. Recycling your silver can earn you good money as precious metals pay the highest. Get Your Quote


Useful for plumbing or assembling circuit boards, solder is melted to join two pieces of metal together.  In addition to the metals fused together, solder is a recyclable scrap metal as well. Get Your Quote


In North America, steel, in the form of cans, cars and appliances, is scrapped, melted down and re-used more than any other recyclable material. It is even our most valuable export. Get Your Quote


If you’ve opened a can of corn, beans or tomatoes recently, you’ve used a tin can that is suitable for recycling as a scrap metal. Save and recycle them with us. We offer competitive pricing! Get Your Quote


A lightweight, corrosion resistant material, titanium is valuable and used in everything from jewelry to airplanes.  Recycled titanium is valuable; sell to us for competitive prices. Get Your Quote


Tungsten recycling is important due to its diverse uses to protect our armed forces through radiation shielding, fire resistant compounds, and more.  Recycle to support our troops. Get Your Quote

Water Meters

If you have to replace your water meter, consider recycling it for scrap. We offer competitive prices on recycled water meters. Avoid waste and earn money on scrap metal from water meters. Get Your Quote

X-Ray Film

X ray film is recycled for silver components, but it’s important to have it done by professionals to protect the environment. Use our x ray film recycling service at competitive prices. Get Your Quote

Not sure what type of metal you have? Fill out the form and include an image of your scrap…OR stop by either of our locations – York, NC or Monroe, NC and our customer service reps will be happy to help you.