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Custom Recycling offers many different comprehensive industrial scrap metal recycling programs in South Carolina and North Carolina and everywhere around. We serve all of our accounts from our location in York, SC. We take a consultative approach. After fully analyzing a customer’s needs, our team develops an All-Inclusive recycling program with customized pricing tied to current indexes.

Custom Recycling’s broad customer base includes manufacturers, metal service centers, utilities, and demolition/construction contractors. Additional clients are individuals and businesses who frequent our great recycling facility in York, SC.

We provide customized recycling plans for each industrial scrap metal recycling account. By working with the business directly we form a strategy of how often to recycle the accumulating scrap metal. We also map out the best method for transporting, sorting, weighing and paying the business competitive pricing for their material.

We can take care of that scrap metal container with our easy, efficient drop-off location. Or we will provide you full service and deliver your scrap metal container to across South Carolina. Give us a call and we will come pick up your scrap metal from the job site and save you the extra steps.

Custom Recycling is great to work with. We can call one day and request a scrap metal pick up and they will be here the next day. They are willing to accommodate us by picking up small to large amounts of scrap metal. Very friendly service from the office to the driver that picks up.
Angela Liles

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®

Charlotte Service Center

Longstanding Relationships Built on Performance

Custom Recycling offers many comprehensive recycling programs. We take a consultative approach. After fully analyzing a customer’s needs, our team develops an all-Inclusive recycling program with customized pricing tied to current indexes.

All Custom Recycling accounts can expect:

  • Superior customer service built around a trained, integrated team.
  • IMG_0351_cropCompetitive pricing and prompt payment
  • Accurate weighing and grading
  • No contractual obligations
  • Single-source program implementation
  • Reduced waste stream and landfill volume
  • Lower internal cost
  • Certificate of Guaranteed Destruction
  • Compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations
  • Detailed commodity reporting

Trailer & Container Service for Industrial and Commercial:

Roll-Offs (10-40 yd containers) • Van Trailers • Open-Top Trailers • Flat-Bed Trailers • Smaller Dump Hoppers • Pallets • Boxes
Customized Containers Available Upon Request

~ Ask About Our Demolition and Cleanup Services ~

Let Custom Recycling assist your scrap metal needs. We are certified recyclers who comply to all the local and federal environmental regulations. With or no contract requirements, you are not obligated to continue using our recycling service, but we are pretty certain you’ll want to.

Try us today. Fill out a contact form or give us a call at either location. You will be able to speak with our informed staff and inquire more about our services.

We have worked with Doug Jaffray and Custom Recycling for over three years now. We made a comprehensive business decision to outsourcing our scrap metal and HVAC units in 2011. Part of our decision was made on metal theft that had been occurring in our county and had a heavy concentration in our neighborhood. After moving to Custom Recycling and putting the units in dumpster where they were not sitting exposed our theft rate and exposure dropped immediately. The company was also in the process of moving towards becoming, “green” and we now had the capability to easily recycle motors, compressors, sheet metal, used metal duct and many other items that would just typically go into our regular construction trash. We try to only work and give our business to locally owned and operated companies like Custom Recycling. Doug has given us very personal attention and all of their team is of the utmost professional caliber. I would highly recommend Custom Recycling for your metal recycling needs.Matthew R. Sy

Owner/President Comfort Systems of York County

Rock Hill, SC