General Public Scrap Metal Recycling in North Carolina and South Carolina

scrap-metal-recycling-how-toDo you have aluminum cans you need to rid of?

Are you cleaning out your garage or remodeling the bathroom and finding copper pipes or metal material that you don’t know what to do with?

You’re not alone. Many people end up throwing scrap metal in the garbage where it inevitably travels to a landfill where it takes up space rather than being recycled and repurposed.

This is where Custom Recycling comes in. We provide customized recycling solutions to individuals who have scrap metal around the home or work place that you desire to get a little money for.

Custom Recycling serves most of North Carolina and South Carolina. With a scrap metal recycling yard in York, SC.

We provide you the following value:

  1. Education – we will explain to you the process of scrap metal recycling and inform you of the ways that it helps the environment and our communities to be more sustainable. We also explain the difference in the types of metal (ferrous or non-ferrous) and the various uses, distinctions and values of each.
  2. Competitive Pricing – Our prices that we offer to individuals selling scrap metal to us are based on the industry standards. We don’t try to squeeze metal out of you without offering you generous compensation for your materials. You help us, so we want to help you.
  3. Customer Service – Our team of recycling specialists are trained to provide premier, efficient service.
  4. Customized Equipment – Our scales are top quality machines for getting accurate results.

The choice to recycle your scrap metal is simple. It’s the best thing for you and for the environment. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation immediately.